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Essential Business and Personal Services

Income Tax Preparation, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Business Formation and Compliance

Serving individuals and small businesses since 2011

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what wE do

Our services and Mission

We will help with the critical tasks of your personal and business affairs. You will get the peace of mind to concentrate on creating wealth, developing relationships, growing your business.

Income Tax Services

We will prepare and file your individual or business tax returns.

  • Individual Income Tax Return Preparation and Filing
  • Business Returns: Self-Employment; Corporate; Limited Liability Company (LLC)

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Affordable payroll services for professionals and for small businesses.

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Bookkeeping services for professionals and small businesses.

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Business Entity Formation

Creation or registration of a business structure you choose.

  • Corporation
  • Sole Proprietorship

We will prepare and send all required applications and forms to the State of Illinois or to your county (if applicable) to create or register your business.

We will help obtain an employer identification number (EIN) from the IRS if required or recommended.

Business Entity Compliance

Corporations and LLCs must comply with government regulations to remain in good standing.

We keep track and help you comply with all regulations, deadlines, and payment of fees.

Supplemental Services

There are other supplemental personal and business services we provide as necessary.

  • Insurance Audits

who wE work with

our clients

We work with individuals who earn W2 and 1099 wages. We also work with small business owners and self-managed homeowners associations.


Individuals who are employed (W-2) and self-employed (1099).


Business owners and their businesses in the contractor industry.


Drivers, owner-operators, and small to medium sized transport companies.

Uber, Lyft, GrubHub Drivers

Gig economy drivers: rideshare, delivery, and all other participants of the gig economy.

Amazon Haulers

Drivers who haul shipments for Amazon.

Homeowner Associations

Self-managed condominium associations and co-ops.

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Work With Us Remotely

Prefer the convenience of handling your matters remotely? Meet with us virtually using Zoom video conferencing.

Exchange Information Securely

Provide documents and information securely via our online portal.

Receive, review, and sign documents electronically from home, on the road, from anywhere.

Smooth On-Boarding Process

Understanding of client needs and expectations. Clear communication. A well-defined process. And attention to detail. All geared to ensure an efficient and seamless transition.